Braeburn is a variety of cultivated apple originally from New Zealand. This bi-colour medium-sized apple is crunchy and has a complex sweet-sharp flavour that is very popular in Europe in particular.
The apple was discovered as a chance seedling in 1952 but has only been grown on a commercial scale since the early 1990s. Alongside Royal Gala, Braeburn is one of New Zealand’s top two apple varieties and has recently been cultivated increasingly in other regions with long growing seasons. It is now grown commercially in Chile, the United States and southern Europe. The apple is named after the Braeburn Orchard where it was first planted for commercial purposes.
The apples are medium to large in size. The shiny skin is covered with a red blush and short dark red stripes. The flesh is crisp but very flavoursome and lasts well. Braeburn keeps better than Cox Orange, for example, but not as well as Golden Delicious.
Braeburn is extremely versatile, ideal for both eating fresh and cooking or baking. It is delicious in compote, fruit salad or juice form.